Finding a balance between production, profit and the environment will always be a challenge. BRALCA has embraced this challenge to find a way of creating a truly sustainable business. One that will endure and continue to grow and learn from the best science available. We work towards:

  • Combining production and environmental outcomes
  • Protecting endangered ecosystems
  • Partnering with leading research
  • Monitoring Soil Carbon
  • Conducting ongoing site data recording
  • Encouraging sharing of knowledge
  • Providing on site field days
  • Always seeking further knowledge

We handle livestock for a living. We breed merino sheep, conduct scanning for a variety of livestock and conduct training for industry through a number of programs we are involved with. This means we are exposed to a variety of animal handling techniques from small scale operations through broad scale and intensive agriculture such as piggeries and dairies. We use this experience and that of our partners to design handling gear that works to make your life easier.

Our Services

Training: Bralca offers fully qualified trainers with extensive industry experience. The courses delivered through BRALCA are a range of short courses focused specifically on incorporating AgTech into business decisions. Livestock Handling: We make a range of custom livestock handling equipment including sheep crates, sheep yard panels (including timber) and trailer backs. Call us to discuss your needs. Sheepstud: Bralca welcomes you to a new generation of performance breeding backed by proven genetics. At wool sales, Bralca and its clients are consistently achieving solid prices for wool.

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