Pioneer Brewing Co.

Pioneer Brewing Co.

Its beer, that is built on quality & consistency. 

Its beer, with a style for everyone and every occasion – because your repaying a favour, because its your day off, because youre watching the game, sharing one or two with your family during a special occasion, or because it is simply time to stop and live in the moment. 

Its beer, that is brewed in its purist format. And because we make it from the ground to the can, theres nothing in it that shouldnt, or doesnt have to be there. 

Its both refreshing on a blistering summers day and soul comforting on a chilly winters evening. And whether youre city-based or living regionally it wont matter – itll go down with just as much enjoyment. 

More than a name.

As the largest independently-owned farm-based brewery on Australias eastern seaboard to own, grow & harvest our malting barley, rye and wheat from a family farm, AND once malted, it doesnt leave our grip again until its placed firmly in yours. We can loudly and proudly proclaim we are Pioneers in the way we do and brew our beers.  

Its how we maintain ultimate control of each beers taste profile and spot-on taste – it’s the refreshing character our crafted lagers, ales and sessionable mid-strength beers are renowned, respected and celebrated for. Its how we ensure that even as we grow, well never outgrow or compromise on upholding our core company values:  

Quality, Consistency, Community, and Independence. 

Well remain 100% independently owned & operated so we can always do our beer our way. Its why all our hand-crafted beers taste exactly as beer should. We are a proud member of the Independent Brewer Association of Australia.


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We grow our own malting grains on our family farms. We are obsessed with making great beer . Location: Central West NSW. 33kms from Orange, 7kms from Cudal, 8kms from Cargo

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