Carbeen Pastured Produce, Manildra

Carbeen Pastured Produce, Manildra

Carbeen Pastured Produce is a family-owned farming business located in Manildra in Central Western New South Wales. It is owned and operated by the Shannon family under the direction of Rodger and Katherine Shannon along with our small but dedicated team. We are fourth generation farmers on our 549 Hectare property using a diverse mix of enterprises to build a regenerative farming system.

Our focus at Carbeen is on improving the health of our soil. The health of our soil is the key to healthy plants, healthy animals and our ultimate outcome, producing healthy, nourishing foods. We implement regenerative farming techniques including holistic planned grazing.

  • Location: 3536 Henry Parkes Way, Carbeen, Manildra, 2865, New South Wales
  • Farm Size: 549 Hectare
  • Years Farming:

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