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Carniege Produce

  • Location: Portland NSW Australia
  • Farm Size: 100 acre
  • Years Farming:

Janette Wilson & Dr Ross Wilson, ‘CottiesRun’

  • Location: Bathurst NSW 2795
  • Farm Size: 80 hectare
  • Years Farming:


  • Location: Waidup Homestead, 2493 Mitchell Highway Molong NSW 2866
  • Farm Size:
  • Years Farming:

What our client says

I was able to shear my own sheep when they needed shearing, not when the shearer could come and shear them. I was finding it harder and harder to get shearers and I needed to be able to crutch and dag my sheep, to prevent maggots from killing my sheep before the shearers came to shear.

James F.

I could always shear a sheep but struggled to get them in position and hold my sheep. Now I am able to hold my sheep and shear the sheep in the correct position

Brenden M.

I did a hands-on shearing course last year, 600, plus I had to take off work and pay for food and housing. It was a 5-day course and I have gotten more comprehensive detail on The Shearers Post


I would always struggle getting my blades sharp to shear and dag my sheep. Now my blades are sharp all the time and I get a crisp cut through the wool when I'm shearing.

Steve A.

Thank you Justin and it's been awesome reading and watching your videos

Adrian P.

I find it so understandable the way you demonstrate this hands on!!! Thank you

Jennifer H.

Those videos are great. You explain things that I have struggled with so clearly

Jennie C.