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The Confidence To Shear Your Own Sheep

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I have been shearing Sheep, Alpacas and Goats since 1989. It was all I wanted to do, growing up in a farming family, where Dad and my Uncles shore all of their own sheep and some of the neighbours as well. They passed their knowledge down to me and my brothers and now I have passed that knowledge onto my wife and my eldest daughter.

I love working with all levels of shearers from raw learners to shearers who have been shearing sheep professionally for years. There is always so much to learn, even for the Veterans.

As a shearer who has shown many newbies how to shear their own sheep, it is this group of shearers that I find most enjoyable and rewarding to teach. 

I find many raw learner shearers who own their own sheep are lacking in confidence as they haven’t been shown How to Shear at all. Or if they have, they have lost all confidence, as their experience of shearing, may not have been very memorable. Encountering many problems, such as:

  • Where do I start?
  • Why won’t the sheep sit still for me?
  • I feel like I’m going to cut my sheep!!!!
  • Why won’t my clippers cut the wool?
  • The Sheep are always getting away from me!!!
  • How do I set my clipper up properly with the comb and cutter blades?
  • I don’t know when my blades are sharp or blunt?
  • What type of equipment do I select for my specific sheep breed type?

These are just a sample of questions relating to confidence, to shearing your own sheep, I have had. There are 100’s more.

With my extensive background of shearing sheep, I can answer many questions and show you how it’s done with my video series as well. If I cannot answer a question, then I just go to some of my best friends who are professional shearers like myself and I will find the answer to your questions.

So if confidence is holding you back, let me help you overcome your lack of confidence and help you get to a confidence level, to where you can shear your own sheep. For all those people who can shear their own sheep, they will be able to testify, to the immense self satisfaction of shearing your own small flock of sheep and not getting in a hard to find shearing contractor to do your sheep shearing for you.

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